Monday, June 17, 2013

Listening Comprehension

We have chosen to use the Sonlight Curriculum for the upcoming homeschool year. Throughout this curriculum we will participate in chapter book read alouds. I have been pondering how to make these read alouds interactive and how to assess comprehension.

While I do plan on having my children participate in a variety of activities to support the themes and lessons of the chapter books, I was also looking for something that they could do for each chapter. So, I came up with these listening comprehension sheets. There are six different pages of listening comprehension forms that were designed to go with chapter book read alouds in order to assess and evaluate the child's listening comprehension. These forms could also be used as book report forms. Each page has a place to record the book title, chapter, and a large box to create a visualization of events from the chapter. Each page has a different writing activity to complete for the chapter. As the parent, I will decide which page will be most appropriate for each chapter. I'm excited to begin using these forms during our new school year. At this time I think I will purchase pocket folders like these and place the forms in chapter order along with a child-illustrated cover and possibly other activities that we complete for each book. What do you think about my listening comprehension forms?

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